Recently, our reporter Sunny Sun sat down to ask Weird Genius some questions.

1.  Why do you name the song ‘Lathi’? What is the moral of ‘Lathi’?

<Reza> We named Lathi because it means verb: tongue or in this case, words that came out from someone’s mouth. The moral of the story is that you must watch what you say, because you may get in trouble if you say bad things. In this song, that’s the meaning of the Javanese lyric in the pre-drop-chorus.

2. After listening to your song, I understand that you tell a story about a girl struggling in a toxic relationship. And she even summons Satan to finish revenge. What is the inspiration for such a song? Is the story in the song concerned with an Indonesian fairy tale?

<Eka> This song is telling a story about a toxic relationship as we all know this issue is very common to young people like us - the message is to advise that if you are in a such situation, be brave and you fight back, this was represented by the girl (Sara) in the MV when she shows her dark side (not summoning Satan). It literally shows that she’s fighting back. It’s more embodying a general message that many people go through. No, this is a mere fictional story and not taken from any fairy tale or folk lore.

3. What other traditional elements of Indonesian are included in this song?

<Gerald> In the music there’s several traditional elements such as; Gamelan, we use this instrument almost throughout the entire song, from the beginning, pre-drop and drop part. And in the pre-drop part actually we used Javanese musical scale called ‘Pelog’ that probably it gives a very strange nuance and dark feel as this is a very prominent element of Javanese music.

4. You used a traditional Indonesian gamelan to create Lathi’s distinctive instrumental hook. How did you come up with the idea of combining traditional Indonesian folk instruments with EDM?

<Reza> When Eka & Gerald created the draft of this song sometime in January 2020, I said to them that we need to add Javanese elements to this song, it was just a hunch. This is not unusual for us, as this is actually the second track that we incorporated traditional sounds. The first one is in our song called ‘DPS’ which has a lot of Balinese influence, hence DPS or Denpasar, the capital city of Bali.

5. #Lathi challenge quickly exploded in popularity on Tik Tok. How do you view this phenomenon? 

<Eka> We are overwhelmed with the movement and we are thankful to every creator that joined in. By the way, we never started that, they are the ones who started it and to see them have committed their time & budget to; rent traditional costumes and video editing plus using our song in it, it’s blowing our mind. This phenomenon is very organic and not just beauty vloggers, there are several kinds such as; beauty shots of several city sceneries in Indonesia, they made it like a video travel advertisement, and then drawing, they drew several Javanese characters in ‘Wayang’ a Javanese shadow puppet show or Javanese legendary characters.

6. 'Lathi' is very popular with the public. Your team is very successful with this song. What is your future plan? What kinds of music are you going to produce after ‘Lathi’? 

<Gerald> All our projects will be influenced by Asian and traditional music, it’s in the DNA of Weird Genius. Our next project will have Asian influence but with fewer traditional sounds. After that, we may have more traditional sounds. It comes down to finding a balance that keeps our music fresh and exciting while honoring Asian and traditional music. With “Lathi”, we now have 13 singles in total, we have received extensive acclaim that proves we are not a one-hit wonder group. In 2020 alone, we will have several projects with big names in the EDM world. We just announced that we will have a collaboration with Yellow Claw coming, several remixes and many more. We can’t wait to release all of that.

You can hear Lathi on our EDM/Club Channel.