Sunny Sun sat down with Joachim Pastor to find out more about this French DJ/producer who is also the co-founder of Hungry Music.

1.  You studied at Versailles Conservatory and then participated in some bands before you started to produce music. How did you take the influence from this experience?

I’ve studied in 2 conservatories, the first one with a very classical, almost competitive mindset, and the second one, very relaxed, I could basically tell my teacher : I’d like to play this, and we’d work in it. I can say that both methods were beneficial for me, I tried to get the best of both world : the discipline from the first one and the freedom from the later one.

2. Which artists do you prefer to listen to? 

Actually I listen to a lot of non-electronic music, from jazz to power metal. I’d say the things I’ve listened to the most in my life would be Daftpunk, Sonata Arctica (power metal band from Finland), and Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. In the electronic scene I listen to a lot of things, I actually have a monthly updated playlist on my Spotify, cause the list would be too long.

3. Hungry Music is the label created by you and your friends. What was the motivation in creating a music label? What do you think is unique about your label?

We created Hungry to be able to release the music we wanted with no limit, that was the primary goal. I think it had good synergy between the artists, we all had our specific sound, and it worked great altogether. 

4. You just signed with Armada Music and released your first single “Sol Invictus”. Can you tell us about the creative process? Does “Sol Invictus” have some special meaning? What kind of musical idea do you want to express through this record?

When I made this track, the idea was to musically describe a space travel to the sun. The beginning is dark and empty, but as you get closer to the sun, the melodies are becoming richer, brighter and powerful. The themes are constantly evolving.

5. What’s your music plans for the future? What can we expect from you?
I have more singles to be released in the months coming, leading up to the album, my first album, on Armada Music. I’m also working on my new studio at the moment, so for sure the coming month will be full of new things.

You can listen to Joachim's song "Sol Invictus" on our EDM / Club Channel.