Questions by Samuel Mo
1.     Hi Matt! You started playing music at a very young age, what made you start on your musical journey?
My Grandpa influenced me a lot, he played the piano and could play anything he would hear instantly. I never quite got to that level but it was inspiring to watch.
2. Why did you pick dance and electronic instead of other genres?
It was never really a conscious choice, I was making music a lot drifting between sounds and genres then I grew up a bit and started to visit nightclubs. It wasn’t long after that I knew that this was the path for me.
3. You have produced more than 30 songs over the past few years, so can you tell us how do you produce a song? How do you come up with an idea?
Every song is different, sometimes it starts with a melody, a vocal, a sound/some chords. Something triggers an idea in my head and then I just try to create what I’m hearing in my head.
4. Have there been any difficulties that you have encountered in your musical journey? If yes, how did you get through it?
I think the hardest part is pushing thru writers blocks, they are usually out of control and I find sometimes my best ideas are hiding behind them.
5. Has home quarantine given you more ideas and space for your creation?
It’s been quite a rollercoaster! Whilst I’ve found more time for producing, with so much negativity going on around in the world it's hard to find the motivation to create. It's also quite a challenge to continue making dance music made for festivals and clubs without having stepped inside one in such a long time, definitely a disconnect. The upside has been it's sort of allowed some time to refocus and work on long term plans.
6. Speaking of creating songs, how did come up with your idea for your new song, "Lose it all"?
It all started with an Instagram DM from The Companions (vocal writers) that I nearly missed ;p - they wanted to work together so sent me over some songs. As soon as I heard the vocal demo of 'Lose It All' I knew this was something special and got started straight away.
7. What do want to say to your fans and people who want to start their musical journeys?
Finish music! The biggest hurdle I faced when starting out was not finishing music as with each song you create you get so much better ;)
Matt's song "Lose it All" can be heard on our EDM / Club channel.