Superstar singer-songwriter Taylor Swift has given a gift (or several!) for her fans to rejoice this Christmas. Less than five months after the release of "Folklore"- her eighth studio album, she has recently dropped her ninth studio album Evermore which is already topping charts. Ever since the release of the song Willow, she has been dropping a remix version of the same song every day, with different versions titled dubbed "Dancing witch", "Lonely Witch" and "Moonlit witch". 

The original track "Willow" is already a track of ethereal magic, with a prominent acoustic guitar and almost tribal-like percussion. With the remixes, “Dancing Witch" stays true to its name, being more upbeat of the bunch, while the singer herself has described the more muted "Lonely Witch" remix as something for listening to when "sulking" and "staring out the window. The synth-heavy "Moonlit Witch" was for "meeting someone in the woods after dark" and "happening upon a majestic coven in the woods." Whatever that means, it has everyone excited and wanting more. Many fans online have speculated that- true to queen Taylor-fashion, the global sensation's remixes are leading up to even a bigger release closer to Christmas. This year, we've seen Taylor change her sound back to something closer to her roots as a country singer, and with Willow and it's many versions, she has certainly proved that the world of pop and country can join to make a unique, magical sound that she can truly call her own.
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by Donna Leung