So sings Tate in the opening lines of You Broke Me first, form the moment she begins to sing its impossible not to feel the recognition of the emotion that goes with knowing we have given our love to someone who never deserved it and how that realization breaks us. As she sings the line "what did you think would happen" over and over you can hear the accusation in her voice asking how can someone not recognize the pain they have caused , when they say they miss all that you had together without realizing you have moved on. It's a haunting song which deserves repeat listening. It's also a song about coming to terms with things and moving on. Go and buy her new EP "Too Young To Be Sad" A song writing talent like this does not  come a long that often. So go and support her so she can keep writing and we can keep listening. Listen to the song "You broke me first" on the TOP 50