The first Wild Boar Music Festival successfully took place in Hong Kong on March 14th 2021, attracting more than 800 people who enjoyed a wide range of local performers in widely different afternoon and evening sessions.


Organised by leading independent Hong Kong music promoter The Underground, the festival was staged to showcase in the afternoon laid-back music including pop, jazz, reggae and Celtic folk music, suitable for the whole family. The evening segment ramped up the volume with rap, psychedelic funk and rock music.


Featuring 11 bands ranging from jazz to metal, the rundown included Nowhere Boys, Ni Liu, ShumKing Mansion, Funkee Tung, Delta T, TripleSix, The Naggin Eejits, Good Funk Shui, Murphy's Law, Kowloon K and all-girl pop band WHIZZ.

“The Grounds is an amazing location to hold Hong Kong's first live music festival in 2021. The bands sounded great, and the audience felt safe and relaxed watching and enjoying live music,” said Chris B, founder and director of The Underground HK. “We were also very lucky with the weather!” 


Simon Wilson, Managing Director of The Grounds, commented: “we were delighted to support The Underground in their efforts to bring Live Music back to Hong Kong. The Grounds wants to give the people a safe and responsible place to enjoy Live entertainment and we are thrilled to help bring the first Wild Boar Music Festival to the Hong Kong Harbourfront at AIA Vitality Park”


The organisers gratefully acknowledge the support of Zicket, Greater Bay Media Entertainment, The Grounds at AIA Vitality Park, The Hong Kong Observation Wheel, Agenda Consulting and thank all musicians for an incredibly fun day.


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