Billie Ellish’s latest single Lost Cause released on June 2, 2021, produced by Billie Eilish and her brother- singer/ prodcuer FINNEAS.
Known as the icon gen Z “bad girl”, Billie's unruliness can not only be seen with her fashion sense, but also the style of her music. Her music breaks down the borders of stereotypical genres, and blurs the edges between alternative and pop. In sharp contrast to her soft voice, she has made a name for her unique music as the queen of grunge “dark pop”. Her quirky image has captured the hearts of a number of young audiences around the world and made her one of this generation’s most influential stars.
In her latest release Lost Cause, Billie puts the focus back on herself and her disdain for her ex. The lyrics accuse the ex-boyfriend of being indifferent and hurtful. She sings, "You ain't nothing but a lost cause." And talks about releasing abusive and manipulative behaviours of an ex-lover.
Although about a break-up, the genre of the song breaks out from her usual darkness and instead adopts a more airy, uplifting tone- a fitting attitude for a song about "waking up" from an unfulfilling relationship.
Although her iconic dream-like vocals still remain true to her origins, Billie once again reinvents herself in her music as she embarks on a brand new era this year-musically and personally.
Billie Eilish’s highly anticipated new album Happier Than Ever is expected to be released on July 30, 2021.

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- Stacy Shi