Coldplay- one of the biggest musical acts in our generation, famous for their unique and innovative pop rock music style, has recently released a new album with the title song “Higher Power”. With a number of music awards including 7 Grammy Awards, 8 British Music Awards and 5 MTV Music Video Awards, Coldplay has become one of the best-selling bands in history and exceeded 100 million copies worldwide.


Staying true to the upbeat, almost fantastical sound they have adopted in their title tracks in recent years, the song is another energetic and passionate tune depicting a wondrous, fanciful world. Written by the band’s four members, and produced by Max Martin and co-produced by Oscar Holter and Bill Rahko, this song is described as “a metaphor to feel how we are alienated far away from our world, almost like in an alien planet”.


The lyrics portray someone who seeks for help and support from a “Higher Power” in an alienated world, far away from reality. “I got my hands up shaking just to let you know, that you’ve got a higher power, got me singing every second, dancing every hour.” Like a prayer to the gods, the song reflects on someone who has difficulties engaging the real world but finds joy and happiness elsewhere.



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-Kitty Wang