While people of this day and age might be craving closeness and intimacy,  new R&B singer Audrey Nuna begs for more space. From her debut album “ a liquid breakfast “ the latest release “ Space” sings out her need of “ I just need some space .” Being part of the first generation of Asian American R &B singers, Nuna strives to break racial stereotypes in mainstream culture. In an industry driven by sticking to the trend, Nuna stresses that creativity and originality is crucial.


Born and raised in New Jersey,  Audrey was studying at NYU's Clive Davis Music Institute when she decided to take a break to focus on music wholeheartedly.  “I don’t like the feeling of half-assing anything,” says Audrey.’ After self-releasing a series of six singles, Audrey signed with Arista Records, an American record label owned by Sony Music Entertainment. She has always created breakthroughs like rapping in ‘Comic Sans’ and more the more soulful “Space”. Her latest album “ a liquid breakfast “, showcases a mature, husky soulful vocal performance, proving her versatility. 

"Space" is written by Audrey Nuna and Anwar Sawyer. Audrey verbalized her feelings through the song. Her previous works such as “Comic Sans “ , “ Long Night “ are all entered around water , either music video or lyrics. “Space” is not an exception, the song described someone who is underwater and feeling suffocated.  Nuna explained that she is an introvert and loves alone time. “ I am undercover. I am underwater.”  She thinks water is fascinating and considers it as “ vibrational energy “ which has magic to  re-energize herself. She needs some space to mentally process and recharge by alone time.


Listen to Audrey Nuna ‘s “Space “ now!


By Emily Poon